(Updated 21/07/2023)

Is your home cold?

· Use thermal curtains and draught-proofing to retain heat, blocking up unused chimneys and lagging pipes

· Have your boiler serviced to make sure it’s working at its best

· Understand how to use your heating system

· Zone your home by heating your main rooms higher than the others

· Check for government schemes to insulate your home, they’re often free!

Is your heating and electric bill too high?

· Check your heating controls are set between 18-21C; heat the rooms you use, when you use them

· A smart meter could help you see what you spend

· Make sure your meter readings are accurate NOT estimated

· Paying by Direct Debit is usually cheaper and spreads the cost over a year

· Struggling to pay – talk to your supplier and let them know what’s going on

· Can you switch energy supplier for a better rate? If you don’t want to change, ask your energy supplier for their best tariff for you, compare unit rate and standing charges or use a trusted site such as uswitch.com to compare rates for you

· You may be eligible for the £140 Warm Home Discount – check in autumn with your electricity supplier

High water bills?

· Speak to Southern Water’s Affordability Team if you’re struggling to pay

· You may be able to make use of their discount tariffs if you are on certain benefits or you use more water due to a medical condition

· Are they suddenly high? It could be a leak, ring Southern Water

For more impartial information on heating, electricity and water, contact The Footprint Trust on 01983 822282 or email info@footprint-trust.co.uk

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