(Updated 04/04/2023)

This section contains information on a range of family problems along with details of organisations that may be able to offer you advice.


Many families go through difficult times and can benefit from the support of a third party. This support can take different forms including counselling, legal advice, and information.

Barnardo’s should be your first contact for all services for children aged 0-19yrs.

Barnardo’s Family Centres aim to provide support and guidance for children, young people and families. The centres have built on the children’s centres offer and this new model seeks to help parents/carers throughout all developmental stages from birth to adulthood. Centres offer access to services provided by a range of partner agencies such as health visitors and midwives and some specialist support services for those with additional support needs.


Family mediation can help you reach an agreement about finances, property and children if your relationship has come to an end.


When your relationship comes to an end, you will probably have a number of things to sort out with your partner, which may include childcare, money, housing, and other property and possessions.

You and your partner could decide:

  • to separate informally, without going to court
  • to separate by drawing up a separation agreement
  • to end your marriage formally by getting a divorce


Working out your housing rights if your relationship breaks down, can be a complicated matter. Citizens Advice gives information for couples who own their home and those who rent. It also covers common questions about the family home when a relationship breaks down.

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